Welcome to the Cleveland Neighborhood…
The Cleveland Neighborhood is a community with diversity. Each of its residents has a unique perspective, yet all share common goals in their visions of a nice place to live. This neighborhood’s success rests upon its ability to satisfy those needs. Creating a frame of reference to shape its future, Cleveland proposes a vision rooted in the underlying strength of its neighborhood character. More specifically, to strengthen our community in the following areas: Neighborliness, Urban Appeal and Safety.


Cleveland is a friendly place to live. Neighborliness is vital for keeping its residents. Neighborliness goes beyond the mere tangibles; it is genuine caring about a neighbor and respect for property. Neighborliness manifest itself through efforts on an individual basis, but also through events and gatherings designed to foster community awareness and promote neighborhood interaction.

Urban Appeal

Cleveland is blessed with indelible urban qualities. Modest and attractive homes, established tree lined streets and sidewalks, the parkway system, a picturesque park, and a neighborhood business center all contribute to a close-knit urban setting. To ensure these features contineus to be assets, it is vital that constant strides are made in visual and functional improvements. Private as well as public improvements should be of lasting quality and visual appeal. The retail center should be encouraged to unify it’s character and enhance the neighborhood. Wise investments in this neighborhood are an essential part of its vision.


People must feel safe. A fundamental requirement of a neighborhood is that it provides basic security for its residents. Cleveland must continue to work closely with the police department and other government services. Because safety is based on perception as well as fact, steps can be taken to build a sense of security in many ways. Maintaining community appearance and resident involvement promotes self confidence and security for residents.


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