Cleveland Neighborhood Priority Plan

As the place-based neighborhood organization recognized by the City of Minneapolis representing the residents of the Cleveland Neighborhood, CNA is charged with establishing Neighborhood Priorities as part of it’s Community Participation Program. Through a series of community-wide gatherings in the spring and summer of 2013, the Cleveland Neighborhood Association has solidified several neighborhood priorities as part of it’s 2012-13 CPP engagement work.
The following will be our Neighborhood Priority areas:

  • Cleveland Park – This Minneapolis park located in Cleveland serves hundreds of youth each week, yet has been unstaffed by Minneapolis Parks for years. The park is a catalyst for community connection in the neighborhood and the reality and perception of it’s safety, as well as it’s amenities and upkeep our a priority for CNA.
  • Lucy Laney School – This Pre-K through 5th grade school serves about 450 students who spend many of their waking hours in the Cleveland Neighborhood, regardless of whether they live in Cleveland. A stronger partnership between the school and community will help our community thrive.
  • Penn & Lowry Hub – The intersection of Penn and Lowry is an underutilized hub for community commerce. The possible future development on the North west corner of the intersection, future Bus Rapid Transit and the Penn Avenue Community Works project all make this a primary area of focus for CNA.
  • Neighbor Engagement – Many families are not connected to their block or their community in a meaningful way. Connecting Neighbors is and will be a prime focus of CNA.
  • Landlord Accountability – Supporting tenants and neighbors to ensure community properties are well managed and maintained is important for all in the community.
  • Community Gardening – Supporting healthy eating, community connections to food and one another, urban farming and more through intentional gardening opportunities.
  • Senior Center – Creating opportunities for Seniors to connect.
  • Safe Community – Increase the safety & peace experienced by Cleveland Residents.
  • Jobs – Ensuring CNA has clear communication and connections to organizations and opportunities that can connect residents to job skills, training and future employment.
  • Local Commerce – Supporting local businesses and economy both already existing and the creation of new ones, potential co-op/coffee shop etc.