Thinking about Getting Surveillance cameras, or motion lights on or around your home?

Cleveland Neighborhood Association will give you $100 if you show us a receipt.

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The Crime and Safety Committee focuses on issues related to the safety and well-being of Cleveland Residents. Some of the work of the Committee is to address the perceptions of crime versus the reality. The Committee also nurtures relationships between the residents and the Police Department and make residents aware of resources available to provide home security.

Additionally, the Committee works with Regulatory Services and residents on the exterior appearances of homes. When Inspection Sweeps are set to occur, timely communication to residents is important so that they have the opportunity to be prepared for the inspection.

Kate Herman is currently our Crime and Safety Committee Chair. She has been leading this initiative since 2017.

Meetings are at 6:30 pm, on the First Tuesday of the month (January 2019 we will be meeting on January 9th) In the event of a holiday, the meeting may be rescheduled. Check the Complete Calendar for more information on meetings times and place.


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