February 2018 Board Training From L-R: Kate Herman, Jaime Harris, Albert Landers, Elaine Roberts-Addy, Danecha Goins, Brenda Hasan, Elise Wehrman, Peony Hildreth, Kristel Porter (Executive Director), Mitchell Adams, and Jonathan Healy (Not Pictured: Brittany Gregory).



Kristel Porter Executive Director


(2 Vacant Seats)

Patricia Crumley Senior Committee
Danecha Goins Board Chair Youth Committee Chair
Jaime Harris          Green Committee Chair Board Secretary
Brenda Hasan










Peony Hildreth
Kate Herman         Crime & Safety Chair
Meredith Hyduke  Treasurer & Youth Committee
Tommy Reyes Vice Chair, Senior & Community Development Committee Chair



Not Pictured:

Albert Landers

Lucy Laney Site Council Member

Committee Members



Thomas Godfrey (Not Pictured)

Live on The Drive Committee Member




Jonathan Healy Community Development



Interested in being a board member?

2 Comments to “Board & Staff”

  1. I live in the Cleveland Neighborhood and am interested in running for a board position. Can you please send me information on how to go about applying or running? Thank you!

    1. Gotcha! I just sent you an application. We hope you decide to Run!

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