February 2018 Board Training From L-R: Kate Herman, Jaime Harris, Albert Landers, Elaine Roberts-Addy, Danecha Goins, Brenda Hasan, Elise Wehrman, Peony Hildreth, Kristel Porter (Executive Director), Mitchell Adams, and Jonathan Healy (Not Pictured: Brittany Gregory).


The Team

Kristel Porter – Executive Director

Jaime Harris – Green Committee Chair, Board Secretary

Kate Herman– Crime and Safety Committee Chair & Board Member

Jonathan Healy– Chairperson & Community Development & Live on the Drive Chair

Danecha Goins – Vice Chairperson & Youth Committee Chair

Elise Wehrman – Treasurer & Crime and Safety Committee Member

Peony Hildreth –  Board Member


Brenda Hasan– Board Member

Brittany Gregory- Board Member

Not Pictured:

Mitchell Adams- Board member & Community Development Committee Member

Albert Landers– Board Member & Lucy Laney Site Council Member


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  1. I live in the Cleveland Neighborhood and am interested in running for a board position. Can you please send me information on how to go about applying or running? Thank you!

    1. Gotcha! I just sent you an application. We hope you decide to Run!

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