Joining the Board

The Board of Directors of the Cleveland Neighborhood Association is a great opportunity and experience for any neighbor, whether you’ve been on a board before or are just now hearing of the idea for the first time.

We’ll have a Board Orientation shortly after elections so you’ll have a chance to receive valuable training and gain knowledge that will be relevant even after your time on the CNA Board. We ask Board members to commit to about 3 hours per month of volunteer time, which includes attending a monthly Board meeting (4th Wednesday of every month at 6:30 pm) and at least one committee meeting per month (about 1 hour per month).

Joining the board is a two year commitment and you are allowed to run for re-election three times (can sit on the board for six consecutive years if re-elected each time). If you’d like to learn more about joining the Board, or are ready to run for a spot on the CNA Board? please call 612-588-1155 or email the office.

Our next Board Elections take place in October, 2019

Please send a picture of yourself for your candidate bio:

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