Before I Die I Want To…

You might have noticed an interesting billboard at the corner of Lowry and Penn Avenue recently. This public art and engagement project is an opportunity to share your personal hopes and dreams with your community. 

We encourage you to make a visit and add your own words to the piece. It will be documented and wiped down occasionally, you can see all the images here.


2 Comments to “Before I Die I Want To…”

  1. This might be the most awkward and inappropriate piece of “artwork” I’ve seen yet. Yes, some nice things are occasionally posted on it. The vulgarities make a nice talking point when I bring friends to the neighborhood. Oh, that’s our “Before I Die” sign. Someone thought it was a good idea. Oh, yeah, I know it says “Hit That Pussy” among other vulgarities and rude statements, but it’s art! Don’t you feel like you’re in uptown? Oh, don’t mind the large chunk of it that’s broken, that’s art, too!


  2. I think this thing is an eyesore. The location is totally inapproriate for community engagement. The outside of the liquor store in a lot that is more often than not strewn with liquor bottles, beer cans, and various other litter is not a place we should be drawing additional attention to. The liquor store crowd more than likely explains the ‘colorful’ comments I’ve seen on it on more than one occaision. I’m not sure that any location would be flattering for this particular sign. I, for one, cannot wait for it to go.

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