The Community Development Committee serves the residents, businesses and other stakeholders of the Cleveland Neighborhood and meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm.

Top Projects (past and present) for the Community Development Committee:

  • Flood Zone 5 Solutions
    To improve water quality and to handle rain where it falls, the Cleveland Neighborhood and the City of Minneapolis are working on a way to remove 20 acre feet from the stormwater system. During heavy rainfalls, flash flooding becomes an issue in at 36th Avenue at Victory Memorial Drive as well as 35th Avenue at Washburn and 35th Avenue and Vincent. This is because of water collected in other parts of the community are transported west along stormwater mains, exceeding capacity.
  • Cleveland Neighborhood Opportunity Map
    To get a better idea of what is possible, a map was created to segment the neighborhood and define opportunities that exist in the neighborhood to create a positive urban atmosphere.
  • Landscaping Grants
    Up to $100 per household is available on a first come, first served basis.
  • Rehabilitation of 33xx Russell Avenue North
    Worked with Hennepin County on a successful second-floor addition on a long vacant tax forfeiture home.
  • Gifting of 32xx Vincent Avenue North
    Worked with Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation and the owner of a vacant home to sell a property to the non-profit for $1.00, resulting in the demolition of a problem property and a tax write-off to the owner.
  • Targeted Housing Redevelopment
    Implemented in 2008, this program provided funds to Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation to purchase homes in the Cleveland Neighborhood that have an adverse impact on the community. GMHC evaluates the homes and determines if rehabilitation is possible or if removal is necessary.
  • Cleveland Corridors Visioning
    This document provides the basis for any redevelopment along the Lowry Avenue and Penn Avenue corridors.
  • Great City Design Team for Parkside Development
    Completed in 2007, neighborhood residents, working with an architect and a developer, drafted a vision for the type of development that would be built on the Northwest Corner of Penn and Lowry Avenues. See the plan.
  • North Housing and Home Improvement Fair
    An annual housing fair that brings resources and the community together for a one-stop shop for buying, rehabbing, remodeling or repairing your home.
  • Lowry Avenue Corridor Redevelopment
    The neighborhood sits on the Committee to facilitate the transfer of information between the construction crew, the county and the community.
  • Lowry Avenue Zoning Study
    After the roadway is complete, how does the neighborhood ensure that the appropriate zoning is in place to support the business community and a transit corridor.
  • Penn Avenue and Lowry Avenue Corridors Study
    Completed in 1997, this study helped form the basis for the Lowry Avenue reconstruction
  • Penn-Lowry Crossings Project Review
    This was completed in 2006, to provide a recommendation from two competing proposals for redevelopment of the Southeast corner of Penn and Lowry Avenues.
  • Housing Redevelopment Loans
    Two loan programs were implemented using NRP funds. Because funds are available from Minnesota Housing, the program was discontinued. Cleveland Neighborhood residents can receive Fix-up Funds from: Center for Energy and Environment or Greater Metropolitan Housing Corportation.