What Would You Ask Our Next Mayor?

Image from Minnpost.com
Image from Minnpost.com

Plans are in the works for a north Minneapolis Mayoral Forum, a chance to hear from those running for office about the issues and questions that matter to us. As we work out the details we want to hear from you!

What questions or pressing issues do you have for the Mayoral candidates? What would you ask them if you had one question? Leave a comment below with your question or issue or send us an email at cna@clevelandneighborhood dot org and we’ll compile the questions and do our best to make sure everyone’s concerns, questions and issues are represented.

Also, SAVE THE DATE: Tuesday, October 1st, 6-8pm will likely be the date for the Mayoral Forum. Stay tuned for a location and more details soon and send us your questions!

One Comment to “What Would You Ask Our Next Mayor?”

  1. Ask candidates if they will put our safety & peace as a priority before stadiums & Nicollet Mall makeovers & the like. We’re tired of being victims of criminal & uncivilized behavior every day & paying for the entertainment & comfort of rich suburbanites.

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