Cleveland Neighborhood Association

P.O. Box 11635
Minneapolis MN 55411
Monday-Thursday 9-3pm + evenings by appointment
 We believe connecting with the community we serve is our top priority!
In that spirit, we prioritize scheduling meetings with residents when it’s convenient for them, hosting community  gatherings and doing direct outreach through door knocking, phone calls, etc. We are often out in the community  talking to neighbors like you, so please call ahead and we’ll be sure to schedule a time to meet you at the office  or at a convenient location for you.
 We are located on the South end of Lucy Craft Laney School at:                                                  3333 Penn Avenue N Minneapolis, MN 55412
You can park in the school lot in front of the building, just off of 33rd  and Penn. You’ll walk around the enclosed school playground to the  south end of the building and you’ll see our door (which faces south  toward Cleveland Park). There is a doorbell as the door is kept locked  per school building policy.



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2 Comments to “Contact Us”

  1. Enjoyed meeting and taking to you along with Katie. Looking forward to talking and maybe working together
    Website is being updated so we are not really pushing it to the public as yet but feel free to take a look.
    My number is 612 220 5746

    1. It was great meeting with you as well!

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