Meet Our Neighborhood Conversation Facilitators: David Ellis

Dave Ellis

Our upcoming Neighborhood Conversations event will be hosted by renowned facilitators who will lead us in a wonderful community discussion that will result in a vision for the Cleveland Neighborhood in the years to come. Find out a little more about one of our facilitators today, David Ellis. Register Today!

Dave is a freelance host practitioner whose work has taken him through the worlds of corporate, governmental and nonprofit organizations.  He is a resident of North Minneapolis’ Hawthorne Community and community leader skilled at working with groups large and small on conversations that matter.  His current focus is in communities that want to make true and substantial change on large scale issues like disparities in healthcare, education and criminal justice; youth concerns; and culturally specific issues.  Dave has done considerable work in leadership development, diversity and inclusion, network building and community engagement.  He is a newly named Steward of the Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations That Matter.