Pop-Up Block Parties Begin!

Block Party Flyer UniversalOn a lovely weekday afternoon this summer you’ll receive a flyer from some great high school students inviting you to a block party on your block. We hope you’ll take the opportunity to introduce yourself and pass on your contact info so we can stay in contact with you from the neighborhood association and connect you with others on your block. The students are part of our Summer Step-Up Team a summer employment program with a team of 6 students and a supervisor who will be doorknocking and hosting pop-up block parties throughout the Cleveland Neighborhood all summer long. Pop-Up’s are all about connecting you with neighbors. We’ll skip the blocking of the street and grilling out, but we’ll have snacks, lemonade, and plenty of games and prizes. Come out for a few minutes, meet some neighbors and join your block club so you can stay in touch all summer long.

If you are a Block Club Leader or a Cleveland Connector we’d love to touch base with you about how we can support you and building a strong block. Below is our tentative block party schedule (we’ll cancel if it rains) and we hope you are able to make it out when we roll down your street. Reach out to us if you’d like to be a part of planning the pop-up on your block! See you this summer!

Date Block Party
24-Jun 32-3300 Upton
25-Jun 32-3300 Thomas
29-Jun 32-3300 Sheridan
30-Jun 32-3300 Russell
1-Jul 3500 Vincent and Upton
2-Jul 34-3500 Thomas
6-Jul 34-3500 Sheridan
7-Jul 34-3500 Russell
8-Jul 34-3500 Queen
9-Jul Live on the Drive
13-Jul 34-3500 Penn
14-Jul 36-3700 Penn
15-Jul Party in the Park
16-Jul 36-3700 Queen
20-Jul 36-3700 Vincent
21-Jul 36-3700 Upton
22-Jul 36-3700 Thomas
23-Jul 36-3700 Sheridan
27-Jul 36-3700 Russell
28-Jul 32-3300 Xerxes+Washburn
29-Jul 34-3500 Xerxes+Washburn
30-Jul 36-3700 Xerxes+Washburn
4-Aug National Night Out
10-Aug Step-Up Final Party
12-Aug Party in the Park
13-Aug Live on the Drive