What’s the Buzz About the Community Garden

Eric Wilson, Our GreenCorps Member, at the garden
Eric Wilson, Our GreenCorps Member, at the garden

We have some great things that have been happening in the garden this year, and look forward to what 2016 has in store! Here’s a brief update:

  • Workshops: This fall, we hosted a few workshops on a variety of topics, such as fermentation and growing mushrooms. We plan to continue with these next year, and hope to have Cleveland residents teach some of the things they know as it relates to food, nutrition, cooking, and all things in between!
  • Garden Task Force: We are always looking for new members to join our garden task force. This is an opportunity for residents to have a voice and guide our mission and purpose. Sign-up for Garden Updates by here.
  • Step Up: We plan on hiring a couple of Step Up interns for the 2016 growing and harvest season. They will a HUGE help in planting, watering, composting, and helping our veggies grow.
  • Conservation Corps: The MN Pollution Control Agency has teamed up with the Conservation Corps to offer a great opportunity for our GreenCorps member to host a youth group in early summer. The application process has just begun, and if our site is chosen, they will make some infrastructure improvements to the garden.
  • SeedMoney grant: The SeedMoney grant closed with $150 donated! Thank you to all of those who made a pledge! We will wait for further notice if we are among those that receive an additional amount to help us buy supplies.
  • What’s the buzz: Bees are coming to the garden in 2016 thanks to Cleveland resident Frank! Someone representing CNA may soon be knocking on your door to tell you a little bit more about why bees and to get your approval.
  • Door-to-Door: Also, going door-to-door will soon be a small group of people led by our GreenCorps member and Outreach specialist from Project Sweetie Pie. They are going to be spreading the word about the garden and other local food opportunities and asking you to get involved. If you want to help door knock, let us know!