Meet our new intern: Karly

Hello! I’m Karly and I am excited to be Cleveland Neighborhood Association’s new intern!

TuckerDogI hail from northern Minnesota. I love to swim, play guitar, and go on nature walks. I have about ten different books that I’m currently reading. I have a dog whose tongue does not know how to stay in his mouth. And, I am getting married this winter!

As a Housing Studies student at the U of M, I am passionate about healthy homes and healthy communities. This is why I am so delighted to be working with the Cleveland Neighborhood Association this fall. When neighbors come together with a goal, they have amazing power to transform a community. My focus will be working with tenants and landlords to improve our community. But I foresee a brighter future, because there are tenants in Cleveland who are fit and ready to create positive change in their neighborhood.


If you see me, say hi!