Meet our New Intern Regina

reginaHello Cleveland Neighborhood, my name is Regina Cole; I am a new intern from the Social Justice Internship Program, HECUA. I am very pleased to have this opportunity to join CNA as an Intern this semester, and hope to become a valuable asset of your family in the further future. One of my goals is to serve and assist families living in poverty. Family and community involvement is very important to me and are key components in developing good relationships, and I hope to be a part of the great things CNA does to ensure that happens. Here is some information on my background; I was born and raised in Chicago, IL, and moved to Minneapolis, MN in 2009; currently studying Family Social Science at the University of Minnesota. When I am not studying I am feeding, cleaning, entertaining, chasing, and comforting my two-year old daughter by the name of Ariel.

P.s Please look forward to seeing me soon, I will be passing out CNA’s information bags. I am excited about meeting everyone.Thank you!