Park Project Highlighted on U of M Design Site

Highlighted on UM Design BlogIf you haven’t had the chance to take a look at our community-vision for Cleveland Park, you should. Others are, including the University of Minnesota which featured it on their Design at Minnesota website this month. Our partnership with the U of M continues with students doing design work projects related to Cleveland Park, Penn Avenue and Lowry Avenue. Their work is a learning opportunity for the students and can serve as idea-sparking and concrete examples of what might be possible in our community. If you’re interested in seeing and giving comment on student work on March 14th, please contact the office, 588-1155.

Here is what U of M professor David Pitts had to say about the collaboration:

This semester, Professor¬†Dave Pitt’s¬†(Landscape Architecture) class, Creating Landscape Space, will use Cleveland Park and the adjacent development at Penn and Lowery Avenues as study sites for their class project. “A very important part of the syllabus in this course,” explained Pitt, “is for students to learn that there is a real world containing real people with whom the design process must be a collaborative process if the ideas generated are to have any lasting value.”