Thinking About Movies On the Parkway

music_moviesClose your eyes for a minute and imagine your family and neighbors, blankets laid out on the beautiful Victory Memorial Parkway, the sun has set and you just finished enjoying a great concert at Live on the Drive. Now you are ready to sit back and enjoy a movie in the moonlight. What movie do you want to appear on the big screen? 

That’s right, we’re looking for recommendations from blockbusters to locally cinema for the three movie in the park showings after our 2014 Live on the Drive summer concerts. Lot’s more details coming about Live on the Drive as well shortly, but for now shout out loud with some of your favorites! We’ll take community input into consideration when we work with the Parks to choose the movies. If you haven’t put Live on the Drive 2014 on your calendar do it now! June 12,  July 17, August 14th 6-8pm with movies following after dark. RSVP ON FACEBOOK HERE!

If you are interested in volunteering to help with Live on the Drive 2014 please contact CNA at 612-588-1155 or email us at