Join a Paid Focus Group Monday to Improve Financial Inclusion

Prepare + Prosper (Formerly AccountAbility) are hosting a focus group on Monday and offering participants $30 and dinner for participating. Please consider taking the brief Survey which takes 1 minute and then you’re invited to the focus group at CNA, 3333 Penn Ave N, on Monday Oct 26th.

Are you looking for better financial products to manage your money and reach your financial goals? Prepare + Prosper, a Twin Cities nonprofit, wants to increase access to low-cost, accessible financial products that help people transact, save and build credit. We are looking for participants to join a 1.5 hour discussion to share your thoughts and experiences about the ways you manage your money.
What products are you using to manage your financial life? What do you like about them? What don’t you like about them?
Wish you could save more? What would help you build savings?
What are your experiences accessing credit cards and loans? Do you want to build credit?
If selected to participate you will be paid $30 for your time. Dinner will be served.
To qualify you:
Must be available for a 1.5 hour small group discussion on Thursday, October 296th at 6PM to 7:30PM in the Twin Cities metropolitan area at the Cleveland Neighborhood Association , 3333 Penn Ave N
Complete our pre-qualification survey by Friday, October 23rd at 5 p.m.:
Please note: This is not an invitation to participate; however it is an invitation to see if you are qualified to participate. We will contact you via email and phone if you qualify.
Saroeun Earm
Financial Inclusion Campaign Manager
Prepare + Prosper
2610 University Ave. W. Suite 450, St. Paul, MN 55114
651-287-0190 (fax)