Letter From The Chair Of The Cleveland Board

Home is not simply where you lay your head at night, or where you keep your stuff, it is a place where you belong, where you spend afternoons on the stoop talking to neighbors, where you spend evenings helping your children with their homework or enjoying a meal with your significant other, or perhaps just a place of welcome silence from the hustle and bustle of the day…it is your community, it is your neighborhood, it is Cleveland.

The Cleveland Neighborhood Association (CNA) is the citizen participation organization for your neighborhood.  It is made up of residents and business people just like you who volunteer their time and skills to work on the issues of importance, to strive to make the community a better place.  It is neighbors working on behalf of neighbors.

This past year has been very busy with Block Parties, Neighborhood Clean Ups and summer events like Live on the Drive and Party in the Park. At the Cleveland Annual Party the community approved updated Bylaws and elected 7 individuals to serve on the Cleveland Neighborhood Board. Three re-elected board members, Bob Colbert, Jonathan Healy and Jonathan Palmer, were joined by four new board members, Ray Mohr, Dwquita Nash, Chaun Webster, and Ryan Williams-Virden. They all join our existing board members Kimberly Caprini, Caroline Field, Stephanie Gasca, and Peony Hildreth. And lastly, we want to acknowledge for their years of service to the neighborhood those who’ve recently left the board: Claire Anton, Kevin Gregory, and Lynne Moriarty. Thank you to all who have supported our neighborhood this year!

So as we look towards 2016, we are gearing up to do even more, and there is always room for another neighbor willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work.  So consider joining a committee, hosting a block club, participating in our youth activities or getting involved in any number of other ways.  It’s your neighborhood, help us make it the best it can be.


Jonathan Palmer
Board Chair, Cleveland Neighborhood Association

Our Annual Party 2015