Meet Our Step-Up Crew!

We’ve got an exciting summer planned in the Cleveland Neighborhood and we’ll have a crew of neighborhood youth taking the lead to doorknock every house in the neighborhood and host Pop-Up Block Parties on every block. Look for this friendly crew of students and their supervisor from the Step-Up summer employment program to be knocking on your door this summer!

Quanda Arch – Step-Up Crew Supervisor

Quanda ArchSchool attended: Dunwoody high school in Georgia and graduated college from Georgia State University.

She likes to read, and go to museums and art galleries.  She took this job because it was in her community and she worked with youth and wanted to work with youth in north Minneapolis.  When she was younger she wanted to be an ob/gyn, then a midwife.  Then she wanted to be a college professor.  Now she would like to work in a small cultural museum or gallery.


Ajoyia Ja’ffery Hand

Ajoyia Ja’fferyI go to Lucy Laney, I’m in 8th grade but this coming year I’m going to Henry as a freshman.  I just felt that I should get a job now, when they gave us this opportunity to get a job, the Step-Up program, I took advantage of it.  I like talking to other people, I like to interact with other people, and I’m a very social person. I like to listen to music, watch Vines and draw.  I want to be a pediatrician, OB/GYN or just a gynecologist.


Ramone Bridges

RamoneRamone is originally from Monroe, LA. He currently goes to Delasalle high school, located on Nicollet Island. He is going into the 10th grade, and in school, he plays football and tennis. His hobbies are to play football, tennis, to go biking, and to go swimming. This is his first year in the step-up program. He picked this job out of all the others because he wanted to help out the community. Ramone is in a band and plays bass. He can also play any instrument you hand him. He is fluent in French. His goals for the future are to graduate from high school, graduate from college with a degree in engineering or medicine. He wants to become a musical engineer or a gynecologist. Overall to start a healthy family with well rounded kids.


Cass Collins

Cass CollinsCass grew up in Minnesota and currently goes to Thomas A. Edison high. He is in 10th grade and he wrestles and plays football. His hobbies are working out, being outside, or anything that involves being active like swimming. He had a job with Step-Up last year and enjoyed his experience so he came this year. He says he joined this program because it was the kind of job he’d enjoy because he likes being outside and meeting new people. He likes talking and getting to know people, he says he can be trusted. His goals are to graduate from high school, college and sustain a healthy life with a family and two children.

Omar Pope

Omar PopeOmar is from Fair. He is the 9th grade. Omar hobbies are hanging out with friends, playing video games, and skateboarding. Omar’s brother told him about the Step-up program and he was interested in having a job for the first time. He is doing this program because he likes working with other people. People should know he is a talkative person. Omar wants to attend college in Kansas and be an Architect.


Briyana Hollins

Briyana HollinsBriyana is from Thomas Edison high school. She is currently a junior. Briyana enjoys singing and dancing most of the time. When she’s not doing that, she’s sleeping. She was interested in it because it was a program where they placed you in a job that caught your interest. She’s doing this because she heard good things about Step-Up interns. One thing that everyone should know is that she is very outspoken. Her long term goal is going to college to major in human psychology.