The Future of Biking in North and in Hennepin County – Nov 11th

What should Biking look like in your neighborhood? Your larger community? Your city? Your county? Take some time so share your ideas in a meaningful way to help with the revising of a plan for development related to bike and trail plans. Nov 11, 2013, 6:30-7:30pm at the CNA Office. This committee meeting is open to Cleveland residents as well as other northsiders. Here’s the note from the flyer:hcbike discussion

Hennepin County and Three Rivers Park District are revising the county-wide bike and regional trail plan. The plan identifies bike and trail routes, and sets priorities, goals, and
guidelines for bike routes and regional trails. Not a biker? This plan influences how county roads are constructed and funded, so the  results affect all county residents, not just those who bike.

Join the conversation at an upcoming community listening session near you to share your ideas about how to improve bicycling in your neighborhood and throughout the region.


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