U of M Student Create Site Plans for Cleveland Park

UM Design Critique

In continued collaboration with the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Minnesota, Cleveland staff and Hennepin County staff served as guests for a design critique for student projects that focused on a redesign of Cleveland Park, with consideration of the Penn and Lowry corner.

The design covered a vast array of ideas and possibilities, many a complete redesign of the entire space, some including existing park structures. The goal of the project for the students was to simply work with a real life example for their course. They used community feedback gathered from last fall’s Park project and surveyed the site with Cleveland staff earlier in the semester.

This summer we’ll share the wide range of designs with residents and park users at an event in the park. The value of a collaboration like this for the Cleveland community is the great visuals from the students designs can help educate residents about what’s possible for our community and to learn about design elements that we might not be aware of in thinking about community space. This knowledge will help better inform our community so that we can better ask for what we want and give feedback to community projects and to developers and government entities that might be interested in developing the space.

Stay tuned for more of the designs posted online and at one of our summer Community Development gatherings.