Share your Stories! We Want to Hear about You and Your Neighbors

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Do you know a story about a neighbor or an event that happened and would like to share it? We want your stories, your adventures in the neighborhood that people in the area should know about. We are looking for stories about a neighbor that has helped you or that is simply amazing. How about an event in the community you thought was fantastic and you think people should come. Share it! Talk about! We want to know about the wonderful people that live in the neighborhood and what a great community this is! You can¬†write your own story or connect with us so that we can help you share it, in-person, by phone or email.¬†Share the history of the community, the laughing moments with a neighbor or the humble acts towards each other. No matter what the act or event share it with the community, let them know what great neighbors we have or how amazing the community is! Contact us via the form below or call or text 612-567-1262 or email us at and we’ll make sure your story is shared. Thanks!